Phyllis A. McKenna | The Shakedown of Santa Clarita

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The city of Santa Clarita should be aware of the Jesse Jackson shakedown. It looks something like this: You go into a business, corporation, and in this case, a city and accuse them of racism, racism, racism, the rallying call of the left. At the recent City Council meeting, this cabal of activists used Bob Kellar’s 10-year-old offhand statement that went something like this, “If I think people should come here legally, learn our language and respect our flag, then that makes me a proud racist.” 

Defending the sovereignty of our country does not make one a racist whatsoever. However, these bullies on the left used this as an example of our systemic racism. One even wrote a letter to The Signal to Bob Kellar demanding his admission of guilt and an apology for his racism. I hope they can find a better example of racism than this.

In the meantime, the council members wring their hands and ask themselves, “Where is this racism?” They have been trying to make Santa Clarita a better place to live for all of the citizens. New parks and hiking trails, an archery range, and solving traffic problems to name just a few of the items.

One self-proclaimed serial protester marched down to the Sheriff’s Department being protected during the protests by a line of sheriff’s deputies and shoved a list of eight demands for police reform in their faces. Many of these reforms were already in place. Her husband, an ex-Marine, had overheard an off-duty deputy in a bar say something disparaging — a reason to paint all deputies with a broad brush. 

Santa Clarita did an amazing job preparing for the protests that have a history of turning violent with looting, rioting and arson. The National Guard was on standby and the shopping mall was barricaded closed, even though I saw a few cars trying to gain access. Looting and rioting did not occur. The activists complained that having the National Guard on stand-by was unnecessary. Guess it sort of hurt their feelings.

I do hope the City Council does not give in to the demands of Black Lives Matter, antifa, or any of the other leftist activists. These demands have included no use of pepper spray or tear gas — in other words, disarm the law enforcement that keeps us safe and protects public and private properties. Defunding the police is one of the demands of Black Lives Matter and antifa, hopefully that will never happen. I do hope the council will not give in to the unsubstantiated accusations of racism and their demands. Bob Kellar, you have no reason.

Remember the chants: “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon,” and “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now.” These anarchists have the goal of taking our form of government all down and replacing the country with a Marxist idealogy. And frankly I’m a little tired of being called a racist just because I am white. It will be interesting to see what the demands will be.

Phyllis A. McKenna

Stevenson Ranch

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