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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It is not surprising there are ongoing problems at the post office. There was a recent audit completed in seven cities and Santa Clarita was one of them. It was found there are issues surrounding the processing of political mail in our city. It is interesting that Rep. Mike Garcia voted against additional funding for the post office that would ensure every citizen’s ballot is counted. Since he voted not to fund the post office, I would suggest the following:

If you are voting by mail, place your ballot in a box outside of Santa Clarita. Take a drive to the San Fernando Valley, have a leisurely lunch on Ventura Boulevard and drop your ballot at a box there. How about a trip to the beach in Ventura, where you can dip your toes in the Pacific Ocean and at the same time drop your completed ballot in a mailbox by the shore? An even better idea is to stand in line with social distancing, wear your mask and vote in person. 

I would also like to ask residents to call Garcia’s office and ask what he is going to do to rectify the problems at the post office prior to the November election. Request a call back with a description of his plan. Is he really willing to work in a bipartisan fashion? We will see. He is supposed to be representing all of his constituents, not the president. 

If you don’t see some action on his part to solve these problems, make this knowledge part of your decision as to whom you will elect in November. His current office is up for grabs. He is competing with Christy Smith, our California state Assembly representative. Remember that we could set a record and make Garcia’s tenure in office the shortest in history. 

In addition, please note you are only permitted by law to vote once, either in person or by mail. Intentionally voting by mail and in person is illegal, despite what you are hearing from the president. Every individual must check to ensure that what they are hearing or seeing, whether from TV, politicians or from the web, is actually true. If you are unsure, fact check. We are entitled to a free and fair election. Every vote counts. Please vote on Nov. 3, and if you can, vote at your local polling place. 

Randi Kay


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