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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Tune in to any College of the Canyons board of trustees meeting these days and it’s a rerun of the same drama: the voices of board members Edel Alonso and Joan MacGregor are silenced or ignored, their questions go unanswered, their requests for itemized budgets and spending are met with scorn and threats by the other board members and the district. It is a shameful display of intimidation and harassment at the highest levels of leadership at the college. 

COC teachers and classified staff agree, it is time to flip the board of trustees. All three COC unions — COCFA, AFT and CSEA — have endorsed Edel Alonso, Sebastian Cazares and Jerry Danielsen for the Santa Clarita Community College District board because we believe these are respectful, thoughtful, diligent professionals who treat others with the respect we all want to be treated with. 

Collectively, these three candidates will provide COC with much-needed fiscal transparency during a time of unprecedented budget cuts. All three candidates are firmly rooted in education and want to ensure that every dollar spent benefits the students directly. They oppose the millions of dollars that have been collectively spent on fancy offices and international travel for administrators, and the lawsuits and fines for campaign law violations. Every dollar wasted in this way is one less dollar spent on students. It is time for meaningful, positive change on the COC board this November.  

Anne Marenco

Agua Dulce

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