Arthur Saginian | Admitting Your Hatred of Trump

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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I’ve researched enough source material to arrive at a conclusion as to why you guys, yes YOU guys, hate President Donald Trump. And don’t try to deny it…you guys (you liberal, leftist, progressives) do indeed hate the man, so you might as well embrace it and finally feel the relief of honesty. It’s a liberating feeling, being completely honest — you should try it some time. You may not get invited to any more wine and cheese benefits, but you’ll be free of the obligations that go with that. But I digress…

The reason you hate President Trump: He is uncouth. He isn’t even a diamond in the rough. He’s a chunk of granite that was knocked off the side of a mountain, and quite jagged on the edges I might add. As such, your interests are not his interests. He does not value what you value. He does not behave the way you want him to behave — he cannot be controlled. And that’s why you hate him (even though there must be a decent part of you that envies him).

Considering all the things he has been accused of, I could choose any political leader at random from either side and they would be guilty of the same, if not more. So what’s the difference? What makes Trump so special? Why do you loath him so to the point where getting rid of him has become the platform itself? Back to that honesty thing. And don’t accuse him of lying. We’re ALL liars. ALL of us.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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