Doris Marie Zimmer | Jenkins’ Leadership Needed More than Ever

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Michele Jenkins is a remarkable trustee member of the College of the Canyons board of trustees and has served for many years as a leader. At this time of fluid change in rules, regulations and financial stability due to COVID-19, Michele’s experience, knowledge and statewide network of community college professionals is needed more than ever. In time of crisis and rapid change, depth and breadth of knowledge, along with open-minded judgment, is critical. COC is recognized statewide and nationally as a first-class and innovative community college. This distinction is because of the board of trustees’ commitment, knowledge and leadership coupled with long-term support of the vision of Chancellor Dianne G. Van Hook. 

I have known Michele for many years, serving the students and the college as a director and former chair of the COC Foundation. The Foundation supports our students and the college through financial and personal efforts to secure donations, which fill the gap between what support we receive from the state of California and the innovations we provide to improve student access, engagement and success. 

I have had a firsthand view of Michele’s total commitment to student success. She shows up, and advocates, at student, college and community events and generously donates her time and treasure. She knows and supports policies that hire the finest and diverse full- and part-time faculty, staff and administrators, as well as providing for the finest cutting-edge facilities, technologies, supplies and services that ensure our students have the best possible educational opportunities. Michele has unfailingly supported, through the years, the efforts and aspirations of the COC Foundation. 

Personally, Michele has many qualities to support her role as leader, innovator and policy maker. She is a businesswoman who understands business issues, cash flow and running a business within regulations and guidelines. She avails herself of every opportunity to increase knowledge of California community colleges and the roles of trustees as both attendee and presenter in biannual statewide community college conferences. She is acquainted with key local and state colleagues and is able to build consensus when problem-solving and advocating for students’ success through legislation and collaboration. 

For all these reasons: experience, leadership, open-minded decision making, consensus building, collaboration and regularly present at all types of student and college events, I fully support Michele Jenkins to be reelected to the Santa Clarita Community College District board of trustees. 

Doris Marie Zimmer


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