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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

All over the country there are reports of dumped mail that includes election ballots. It is obvious the U.S. Postal Service cannot be trusted handling the ballots for the Nov. 3 election. You risk throwing out your vote if you vote by mail. This is truly a sad day for America and for democracy. Every American needs to get out and vote in this important presidential election. 

Voters can check online or by phone to ensure they are registered to vote. Please make every effort to vote in person. Wear a mask, glasses or goggles and gloves and yes, we will look a little strange, but remember the future of democracy rests in your hands. Addresses of voting centers will be listed prior to the election and you will be able to vote at these centers several days prior to Nov. 3. We need every voter to exercise their right to vote in a free,fair election. 

If we vote in person, we will be able to see official results sooner and hopefully all this chaos will end. 

And to clarify: Democrat is not synonymous with socialist. There are millions of centrist Democrats who would have supported a Lieberman/McCain presidential ticket. Just try to think of political affiliation as a continuum. Most people are congregated around the center and there are some people at the far left and far right. Too bad the current administration is pulling and pushing people to the far ends of the continuum instead of bringing us toward the center. Most of us would like to hover around the middle and see some cooperation for a change. 

Randi Kay 


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