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Richard Budman | Voters Must Hold Swamp Accountable

Richard Budman

After four years, $44 million and a special prosecutor, the Robert Mueller investigation found no proof, no ties and no collusion between Donald Trump and Russia. No wrongdoing whatsoever. Nothing.

There is, however, evidence that the top management of the FBI working with the CIA doctored evidence, forged documents, lied, spied, obtained illegal wiretaps and colluded with the Democrats and Russia to cook up a plot against the president. This is an outrage and can never again happen to another president.

And now, it has just been learned that the entire Russian hoax was a fabrication of Hillary Clinton and her 2016 presidential campaign.

The CIA in July 2016, before the last election, intercepted information that Hillary Clinton was inventing a plan to accuse candidate Donald Trump of collusion with Russia and trying to hack her emails. This plan was invented by a Clinton aide and approved by the Democratic presidential nominee to take the attention off the fact that she had used a private email server for top-secret government papers and that she had destroyed 36,000 emails that were subpoenaed by Congress.

CIA Director John Brennan told President Barack Obama and FBI Director James Comey of this plot. The Democrats in Congress also knew of this plan after the election and, when Trump won the presidency, this plan became part of the resistance. A plan to take him out of office, void the election because they would not accept the results of the 2016 election.

This collection of government officials has done more harm to our democracy and destroyed faith in our institutions than China and Russia could ever have done.

Former President Obama, Brennon, Comey and former Assistant FBI Director Peter Strzok have been at the highest levels of our government.

These “leaders” have committed crimes but will not be held accountable for what they have done.

They will not stand trial, they will not go to prison.

When subpoenaed for evidence, they destroy it or wipe their phones clean. These government officials know how to cover their tracks and get lower-lever people to do their bidding.

There are two sets of justice systems in this country — one for them and one for YOU.

The “swamp” is too deep in Washington and it’s not just Democrats but Republicans also.

It’s the Washington insider crowd (the swamp) that wants to keep their power and they will do anything in pursuit of that goal.

Make no mistake of it, it’s both major political parties. This is a struggle between the powerful Washington insider class that wants to keep the status quo and the outsiders who want change.

No one will be held accountable.

It’s up to YOU.

The American people. We must teach them a lesson.

We can’t send them to prison, but we can vote them out of office.

The American voter needs to be the jury. It’s up to you to send a message on Nov. 3 — a message that they don’t get to decide who is president and what our policies will be. A message that this can’t stand, that there has to be a price to pay, that no one is above the law, not even them.

You have to deliver the punishment, you have to be the jury, and hand down the ruling that corruption and dirty tricks will not be tolerated.

It’s up to you to send a message. A message that this can’t and will not happen again to anyone, Republican or Democrat.

A message that this can’t happen in America.

A message that the American people are smart and they are watching and there will be a price to pay. Send the message that corruption and dirty tricks will not be tolerated.

Send the message — and reelect President Trump.

There is now new evidence that former Vice President Joe Biden, through his son Hunter Biden, was selling his access for money to the Ukraine and China.

Hunter Biden’s emails on what has been determined to be his computer were found to indicate a portion of the millions of dollars paid to Hunter Biden from the Ukraine and China was in fact for Vice President Joe Biden. The ex- business partner of Hunter Biden has now come on the record and confirmed that former Vice President Joe Biden knew his son was selling influence and even demanded a part of the income from it, from the Chinese Communist Party.

This money was given to Hunter for access to then-Vice President Biden and to shape American policy.

This is not only illegal, it is also a horrible image to the world, a threat against our democracy and a national defense threat.

Again, no one will be charged. No one will go to prison. The powerful will never pay the price. 

Unless you make them.

Richard Budman is owner and publisher of The Signal.

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