Rob Kerchner | We Were Sold a Bill of COVID Goods

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The model on which our nation panicked into lockdown predicted 2.2 million dead. We haven’t hit a tenth of that, meaning we were all sold a bill of goods. But much more importantly, the model predicted 100,000 in Sweden. Yet Sweden has only had 6,000 — a 16th as many — and they never masked nor locked down.

Indeed, locked-down/masked-up America has done WORSE than free Sweden, just as locked-down/masked-up states in America have done WORSE than freer states in America.

Even California, one of the very earliest and most successful of the lockdown/mask-up states, has had more deaths per capita than 24 other states, most of which endured far less regulation and control.

What’s more, unlike California (and the U.S. generally), Sweden is done with this now, and is back to normal. The number of daily COVID-19 deaths in Sweden, which peaked at 115 in April, has averaged just two since the beginning of August. Yet the charade here in California, and in America generally, continues.

Rob Kerchner


Editor’s note: Mr. Kerchner’s letter was submitted before the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in Sweden.

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