Scott Watson | Son’s Testament to Candidate’s Character

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This coming election, you may see an unfamiliar name on the ballot for the College of the Canyons board of trustees election for Area 2, but it is a name I’ve known all my life. After decades of professional and philanthropic involvement in the Santa Clarita community, my dad Tony Watson has decided to continue giving back to his hometown by running for the COC board of trustees. While I won’t wade into the political arguments on behalf of my dad, what I will do is provide a testament to his character and his dedication to serving this city. 

He first began to learn the value of community at a young age. His father, Mike Watson, was a Los Angeles police officer for over 30 years, and taught him that helping others was the most supreme good that an individual could do. His mother, Elizabeth Hopp, worked as a banker and single mom in the 1970s and often relied on community resources like the Boys and Girls Club to keep Tony and his brother Matt safe and off the streets after school. This experience instilled in him the desire to improve his own city in adulthood and to give back after his own community had given him so much. These values motivate him to seek public office in our community. 

His passion and dedication to COC could not be stronger. Having been a COC Cougar himself after graduating from Saugus High School, he learned the skills necessary to become an engaged adult and successful businessman. He would go on to get a degree from The Master’s University and become general manager of Andy Gump Inc. and now a vice president at United Site Services. Despite his successes later in life, he has never forgotten where he came from nor the school that gave him a start. Accordingly, he is committed to ensuring that COC continues to be one of the finest institutions in the state. 

He does not view this position as a “stepping stone,” nor as an opportunity for personal benefit. He made the decision to run on his own, for the benefit of the community he loves. His primary goal is that of simply service, and continuing to maintain the tradition of excellence that COC has become renowned for. His character and heart alone is qualification enough for this office, and I urge you to vote for Tony Watson. 

Scott Watson


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