Sondra Tersigni | Wilk Has Earned Reelection

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’m not sure what’s scarier, wildfire season or election season. But I do know we’re safer thanks to the leadership of Sen. Scott Wilk. 

Last year when the investor-owned utilities were enforcing public safety power shut-offs in our communities, Sen. Wilk stood up for us! Last year many businesses in the Valencia Industrial Center and Valencia Commerce Center had their power shut off for several days. It’s hard to make a living if you can’t turn the lights on! Of course, our rural neighbors in Agua Dulce suffered from PSPS as well. Wilk challenged the IOUs to do the right thing and make investments in our community. 

To their credit, Southern California Edison has stepped up to the plate and invested in segmenting the power grid to greatly reduce the chances of our local business losing power this wildfire season. Also, Edison has been replacing lines and segmenting the grid in the Agua Dulce area so the entire region doesn’t lose power during a PSPS. 

Moving forward, Scott’s committed to bipartisan solutions to addressing forest management and climate change. Scott Wilk has earned our vote for reelection to the Senate. 

Sondra Tersigni 

Agua Dulce

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