Dick Cesaroni | Loser Fans Spoil Celebration

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I would like to take this opportunity to praise and thank all the Angelenos who took part in the celebration of the L.A. Dodgers winning the World Series. The LOSERS!

Your looting, robbery, vandalism and rioting makes all of us proud that you are part of our society. We enjoyed watching you on TV tearing apart the city that you were supposed to be congratulating on its win. Even the ones proudly waving the flag from another country.

The morons, brainless, spineless, immature idiots who creep up from the gutters to destroy the city of Los Angeles.

But you do look familiar in that I believe I saw you doing the same thing in the same city (different part of town) after the Lakers won their championship.

Fortunately, they are the ones who live, eat and die while relaxing in the alleys and gutters of Los Angeles County. And no one would miss them if they were to suddenly disappear.

There is really no hope for change for these animals.

Congratulations to the real winners in the city. Those who celebrated like true good citizens and loyal Laker and Dodger fans without destroying property.

Just one Dodger fan’s opinion.  

Dick Cesaroni


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