Aran Dokovna | Time to Form a New County?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It’s nice to see some fresh thinking, thank you John Dennis (letters, Dec. 8). A new county would provide many new functions to the Santa Clarity Valley. A county fire department with all its facilities and vehicles. A new county sheriff’s department with all its own vehicles and communications equipment. A new county recorder to track all real estate, births, deaths, marriages and whatever else they must track. A new health department and facilities. A new coroner’s office. A new district attorney’s office. New websites. New positions to be staffed along with related benefits. And many more functions.

We should provide funding for a study to determine what is needed and at what cost. We would have to buy everything we are currently using from Los Angeles County. This would create many jobs, with related benefits and pensions. 

Sounds like something we should jump on immediately. Oh, and all of this paid from property taxes.

Aran Dokovna


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