Dick Cesaroni | Gascón and the Start of Socialism

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Subject: Newly elected District Attorney George Gascón.

To the people who voted for Gascón, you got what you wanted. Or did you? 

When in court and you can’t afford an attorney, one is appointed to represent you free of charge. Well, the criminals of Los Angeles County past, present and future have all been assigned a district attorney to represent them free of charge. And his name is George Gascón. 

Already he has come off as exceptionally light on crime, bail and the death penalty. No cash for bail. Catch and release. Wonderful. 

He will review past criminal cases and will probably release many, many bad people back into your community to do their nefarious deeds all over again with no fear.

Just look at what he did — or did not do — for San Francisco. No prosecution for those who use the public streets for a toilet. 

You are looking at the first stage of socialism. It starts with him and his refusal to enforce the penal code, the vehicle code and the Constitution. Be very afraid of this man, for you will have chaos in the streets with no prosecution of the offenders. 

With the city of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors both defunding their law enforcement agencies, you will see more and more crime on the streets. Be prepared. Be armed. Be alert when you go out. It will happen. These are the leaders that you voted for to uphold the law and support law enforcement. Remember this when the next election comes around. 

One taxpayer’s opinion. 

Dick Cesaroni


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