Georginalee McDougal | Who Can End the PSPS?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

For the fourth time this year, residents of Santa Clarita, in particular Canyon Country, have been on the receiving end of public safety power shutoffs. As the third of these power outages hit a large condominium complex in Canyon Country for a second day, and possibly going into a third day, the wind is down to a mild blow versus a moderate to severe wind storm. 

According to Chuck Bostwick at the office of county Supervisor Kathryn Barger, their office has received little complaints from these residents. Perhaps they are unaware of who to call other than Southern California Edison. Mr. Bostwick stated his office is taking the calls but he also stated that the city of Santa Clarita city manager is the one who should be receiving these calls and is more equipped and able to find some resolution. When I questioned why the city has not put these electrical power lines underground as most other communities have already done, he responded, “good question.”

I can’t help but be reminded that these particular shutoffs began post-fire that destroyed an entire neighborhood in Paradise, California, when the firestorm created winds and knocked power lines down, which burned the community down and a large lawsuit was filed against Pacific Gas & Electric.

Perhaps it is time that these residents join together and voice their opinions and request that the city start upgrading these power lines in the Canyon Country area to put an end to the numerous outages these residents have to endure. The loss of food, water and medicine are just a few of the hardships, especially during a lockdown due to the pandemic. 

Georginalee McDougal

Canyon Country

Editor’s note: It bears noting that the power lines causing the PSPS are not necessarily located in the neighborhoods that are impacted, and are quite likely outside of city limits. Southern California Edison is the most responsible agency for the shutoffs.

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