Jack Irwin | A Contrast on Love vs. Hate

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Thank you for Pastor David Hegg’s column in your Sunday Signal, Dec. 13. His column “Love that Matters Most” was an uplifting encouragement calling us to the life of love – of God, of family and of our neighbors. He urged us to refuse to stoop to “hate-filled diatribe and worse.” We need to be reminded to pursue solutions out of love and respect for each other, and Pastor Hegg wrote: “To love our neighbor … and treat them as those deserving of our best, regardless of their race or social standing.” Pastor Hegg did not limit “our neighbor” to only those who agree with our opinions. 

Juxtaposed next to Pastor Hegg’s column, on the same page, was a letter by Dick Cesaroni, entitled “Chaos in Cities Leads to Socialism.” The contrast of Cesaroni’s opinion with Hegg’s column could not have been greater. Hegg’s call to love is opposed by Cesaroni’s opinions of hate, anger and literally a lack of love. Read Cesaroni’s words of hate: Democrats are “swamp creatures;” “politicians … all Marxists”; a “maniacal dictator … Gavin Newsom”; “Recall politicians who are allowing ANTIFA type scum…”. 

Where there is no love, fear and mistrust dominate, leading us away from working together in a context of love. Fear descends into divisions, accusations and finally into hatred and selfishness. Thank you for presenting an example of what Pastor Hegg urges us not to fall into. 

Jack Irwin


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