Betty Arenson | 2020: It Was a Revealing Year on Multiple Fronts

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

It happened over seven years ago but it got little play until 2018 when multiple media outlets started addressing the topic. Sen. Diane Feinstein’s “office director”/“gofer”/personal driver of 20 years, Russell Lowe, was a Chinese spy. While employed by Feinstein, Lowe was also reporting to China’s Ministry of State Security through China’s San Francisco Consulate. 

For six of those 20 years, Feinstein was chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. This committee is informed about the most significant and dire information affecting America’s security, and for its chairperson to not vet someone so close to her is of immeasurable suspicion. Or, did she actually know and proceed anyway? According to a former covert CIA officer, Lowe would have had access to Feinstein’s conversations, digital devices, the availability to place a multitude of recording devices around her, etc. (Washington Post, Aug. 9, 2019). Summarily, Feinstein continually brushed off the matter as “fine.” 

Lowe was dismissed with no charges brought against him and seemingly retired at U.S. taxpayers’ expense.

Feinstein’s close relationship with the Chinese dates back to her 1979 San Francisco mayorship. She initiated the “sister city” relationship with Shanghai, became personally friendly with Chinese leadership, escorted her billionaire husband’s many business ventures with China and voted pro-China in our Senate. 

While Russia, Russia, Russia is the obsessive diversion, China runs wild with abandon. The Washington Examiner (Sept. 10, 2018) called Chinese espionage an “epidemic,” citing the June 2015 hacking of the Office of Personnel Management’s servers accessing the personal data details of more than 20 million Americans. 

There’s valid argument to be made that the intrusion of the Chinese Communist Party into the U.S. is purposely and dangerously quashed. The CCP targets U.S. intelligence, manufacturing, energy, pharmaceuticals, sciences, schools and politicians. The CCP doesn’t hide that they want to be the world’s dominant power and demolishing America’s every aspect is the priority.

For 2020 it was and remains, the Convenient Chinese Virus aka COVID-19 and Hunter Biden with a history of enough Chinese financial connections to drown him. The heat is on (not enough) for his father, too. As it most certainly should be. 

Biden’s “win” didn’t put the For Sale sign on the White House lawn. It was already in escrow with large down payments thanks to named politicians.

Like Hunter Biden’s vastly suppressed scandal by the mainstream media, only some have just learned of Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell’s five-year relationship with “Fang,” a Chinese spy. Fang targeted Swalwell as a mere city council member and helped propel him to a U.S. House seat. Irrespective of Swalwell being anything close to a doyen, he was awarded a prime House Intel Committee seat by Nancy Pelosi, where he remains today.

Pelosi is no foe of the Chinese, either. She refused to support the travel ban on China set by President Donald Trump in January 2020. Instead, she partied with San Francisco’s Chinatown crowd in late February, maskless and no distancing, saying it’s “fine” here.

It’s no big leap to suspect the “accidental” escape of the virus. Millions of jobs lost, companies closing, useless shutdowns; especially by Democrat-run cities and states. 

Families, education, housing, travel, commodities, revenue, commerce etc., all crushed while Blue states demand billions of dollars from the federal government to bail them out of their wild mismanagement. The state and city despots kill companies and jobs then demand the feds pay people not to work. It’s called socialism. The people are damned for wanting to work… they want their jobs and lives back!

The lunatic lockdowns are not working; eating outside is not a threat as supported by health agencies admitting they have no data to support their heavy handedness. Dr. Anthony Fauci, whom the dictators say we must trust, has vacillated often on prevention. Ironically, he said recently schools should be open — they’re not. The oppressors listen to Fauci as is convenient.

Vaccine approval promised to be the panacea. Now that multiple ones are here, the negativity jumps to the next thought-up problem; like a new strain.

The people’s anger continued to heighten only to be capped by the election. Telling 74 million voters “there’s no fraud here” is insultingly dismissive. Those wanting a thorough investigation into voter/vote counting fraud are berated. Dozens of people experienced and witnessed fraud and signed affidavits attesting to same. Boxes of ballots disappeared while others just emerged. The video revealing suitcases of ballots being pulled out of hiding after dismissing most overseers from the premises cannot be denied. 

“No fraud” weakened to “no systemic fraud” and “no widespread fraud.” Maybe not in Kansas, but the battleground states are certainly questionable. Absent forensic investigation, no one can legitimately support the denial and those modified comments are hollow. 

Who and what measurement determines “systemic” and “widespread”? Judges reject touching this hot potato because of their own professional futures and no court wants the onus of overturning an election, throwing the country into chaos. If this chicanery stands, fraud in future elections will be a staple; it can only expand. If this major event is not tackled now, then when? 

In light of the growing unrest on all fronts, the differing crowd is civil; not destroying cities, businesses, federal or personal properties and physically harming people.

Without change in the foreseeable future and receiving bona fide answers, how long can that, or will that, civility last?

Betty Arenson is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans.

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