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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In response to Lois Eisenberg’s letter to the editor (Jan. 8): The new lows she talks about, describing Donald Trump’s pardons, could be applied to Barack Obama. His 1,927 pardons and commutations was more than the previous 13 presidents combined. Including the mastermind FALN terrorist.

 Let’s not forget who soiled the Oval Office. Bill Clinton.

 President Donald Trump has had nothing but attacks and negative press about him ever since he took the throne from Queen Hillary. Including the special counsel Robert Mueller investigation, which came up with nothing, and the fake impeachment, which was a sham. (And happened when law makers should have been dealing with the pandemic). The good our president has done is never reported, or is certainly under-reported. The Middle East peace treaty, unemployment best ever before COVID, and stock market highs.

The constant four-year attack by fake news called media is not something any president should have to endure.

 Now it’s been reported, of course not by the major media, that the Biden family is under investigation for corruption and money laundering. If you look at any news source other than the mainstream press you’ll see all kinds of information before the election and the Ukrainians have just come out with information, documents and testimony from people about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. Why was this not brought out before the election? Because the mainstream media had the information and covered up for Joe Biden. Shameful! If you think the mainstream media isn’t biased, try alternate sources and compare. You will get the facts. There are multiple places to find news. OAN, Epoch Times and Breitbart are a few.

We will now have a sitting president who is under the thumb of the Chinese communists. Make no mistake, they are the enemy! They are buying farms and business all over our country. Look it up. They are dealing with Jamaica in hopes to build a military base there.

And the Swamp is not the Trump administration as Lois referred to, it’s what he tried to drain.

 Congratulations to the media and liberal leftists who got their guy elected! By whatever means!

 Welcome to the new socialist-communist America, comrades!

Michael Molacek

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