Simple ways to look and feel your best this year


At the dawn of a new year, many people resolve to reach for new heights. On the path to personal growth or improvement, one may find that making a few adjustments can greatly increase confidence and satisfaction. 

The adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” can inspire people to look beyond the outer shell to what lies beneath. However, how a person presents himself or herself undeniably has an impact on how this person is perceived. Therefore, individuals can make small changes that improve how they look and feel about themselves. This, in turn, may make people more self-assured.

Consider a teeth-whitening treatment

A bright, welcoming smile portrays friendliness and confidence. People who hide their smiles because of yellowing teeth can find that investing in at-home whitening strips or gels, or working with a dentist for professional whitening services, can dramatically change their looks. 

Skip the pockets

Rely on clothing that is pocket-less, especially if you’re prone to putting hands in pockets. Body language experts say that people put their hands in their pockets when they are uncomfortable or unsure of themselves. Keeping one’s hands free can project more confidence in all they do.

Get a tailored wardrobe

Ill-fitting clothing may tell others you don’t care about your appearance, even if you do. Sometimes off-the-rack clothing just doesn’t fit as well as a person may hope, especially if that man or woman is between sizes. Working with a tailor or seamstress to make clothing fit better can help people feel more comfortable in everything they do.

Practice better posture

Standing tall with shoulders back and head held high can do everything from project assertiveness to help clothes fit and fall better.

Properly groom your brows

Men and women both can benefit from well-tended brows. These eye-framing wonders are one area on the face people tend to notice first. It pays to keep them well-groomed.

Start exercising

Exercise does wonders for not only maintaining a healthy, fit body, but it also can improve mood.

These suggestions are relatively easy tweaks to help a person put forth his or her best self. (MC) 

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