Thomas Oatway | An Attack on Democracy

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Now we can all see how dangerous and destructive the presidency of Donald Trump has been. Everyone, that is, except the MAGA hat crowd, the anarchist mob who stormed the Capitol, and 147 legislators in Congress who objected to the legitimacy of president-elect Joe Biden. The bad actors in this attack on democracy included Rep. Mike Garcia, our 25th District congressman, who was one of the 147 who torched their reputation and sided with the anarchists.

Our legislative district is almost equally balanced between Republicans, Democrats and those of us who do not register with either political party.  Why did we deserve a Trump loyalist like Garcia?  Why can we not have a representative in Congress who represents all of our citizens? I hereby request that Garcia resign his post and allow us to have another shot at the election for our District 25 representative.

Thomas Oatway


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