Alan Zuckerman | Cartoon Perpetuates Falsehoods

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

On the Feb. 17 opinion page of The Signal there is a political cartoon by Ed Wexler that I find disturbing. A Republican elephant says, “Trump can run again in 2024,” while the Democratic donkey says, “We’ll just have to rig it again.” By posting this cartoon, The Signal is supporting and promoting the lies and unsubstantiated claims of Donald Trump and his supporters that the election was stolen. These lies helped to stoke the insurrection at our Capitol on Jan. 6 — a mob that cost five people their lives, while injuring hundreds of others in a misguided attempt to prevent Electoral College votes from being counted.  

Trump himself put Republican Chris Krebs in charge of making sure the election would be fair and devoid of fraud. Krebs was included in a joint statement with members of the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council, the National Secretaries of State, and others that called the 2020 election the, “most secure in American history.”

I sincerely hope The Signal will apologize for publishing this cartoon. Spreading and supporting falsehoods is not what a newspaper should be doing.

Alan Zuckerman


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