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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Betty Arenson, thank you for responding to my letter to the editor. As far as Mike Garcia’s accomplishments, I prefer to look to his actions not his words. His joining with the other Republicans to attack the legitimacy of the election speaks to his fealty to the ex-president. What he has done is to add to the distrust of our election system. In two years he will see the will of the voters be they Democrats or Republicans or both. 

As for your feelings toward the accomplishments of the ex-president, his last act of defiance toward our Constitution speaks for itself. He must be held accountable for his words and actions. You should ask Congress for a secret vote on his impeachment. This would eliminate the fear of a Donald Trump reprisal to an honest vote. The ex-president is a winner in the impeachment world. He now holds the U.S. record of two out of four impeachments by the House.

Interesting to note with all the ex-president’s lawsuits and appeals to the Supreme Court claiming fraud, the courts all ask him to show them proof of the fraud. His response is the proof is that he says there is fraud. My! My!

Aran Dokovna


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