Brighten your home, sweep away the winter blahs


By Donna Erickson

Signal Contributing Writer

Except for stray pine needles hiding between sofa cushions and underneath area rugs, our holiday decor with all its warm scents, glitter and glow is out of mind, now stored away for 11 months in our chilly attic.

I miss the sparkle of it all, especially during these long, dark, winter days when I need an extra push to get outside for a charge of energy. While it will take many weeks to pick up more hours of daylight, I’m all for tricking my mind into thinking it’s spring, even when it’s not. 

If you are on the same mission, think “perky” with these easy tips and tricks to brighten your home and sweep away the “blahs.”

Find new uses for everyday items 
You and your kids can create a bright arrangement on your kitchen counter or table. First, pick up a bouquet of the springiest of flowers, tulips! Let the kids trim the stems and arrange them in a bright container. How about a teapot? It doesn’t have to sit on a stove all the time, after all. Think toys, too. A bright-yellow truck can haul a fresh new mini pot of growing ivy into the arrangement. Set a few packets of 2021 veggie seeds in the cab as a reminder of outdoor gardening fun on the horizon.

Clear the clutter and move things around et rid of stuff that’s no longer used or useful. Give away and recycle books, old and broken toys and furniture. While you are at it, rearrange beds, desks and bookcases together in your kids’ rooms. What child doesn’t love the feeling of waking up the next morning to a new look?

It’s also refreshing on the eyes to move living-room and family-room furniture. Do it while the kids are at school, and watch their eyes pop when they walk in the door.

Wash windows his one sounds like work, but it’s worth it. Grab squeegees, newspaper and rags to scrub and wipe away the grime. It’s amazing how looking through a clean window will brighten everyone’s day!

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