Gary Curtis | A Troubling Executive Order

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

President Barack Obama used to remind us, “Elections have consequences.” This was harshly impressed upon us again as President Joe Biden used his first day in office to initiate the Democrats’ radical transgender agenda via one of his many executive orders. It was a sad day for women’s sports! 

By twisting the historic meaning of the word “sex” in the Title IX education amendment of 1972 to include something other than biological “male or female,” Biden has created a monster. Under this socially radical and disturbing decree, any educational institution that receives federal funding must now admit biologically male athletes to women’s teams, compete for women’s scholarships, share locker rooms and other biologically separated spaces.

Christiana Holcomb, Alliance Defending Freedom legal counsel, wrote that this reckless action will  “gut legal protections for women by denying female athletes fair competition in sports, ignoring women’s unique health needs, and forcing vulnerable girls to share intimate spaces with men who identify as female” (Washington Times).

Author Ryan Anderson parsed the consequences as simply as possible: “Boys who identify as girls must be allowed to compete in the girls’ athletic competitions, men who identify as women must be allowed in women-only spaces, health care plans must pay for gender transition procedures and doctors and hospitals must perform them.”

Emilie Kao, an attorney with the Heritage Foundation, says America’s new 46th president – despite all his talk about “unity” – has shown he is “committed to advancing a radically divisive transgender agenda and has set women back decades.”

How do you feel about this troubling executive order? Not only does it do an end run around Congress, but also it will negatively affect our kids and grandkids for generations to come. Let your elected officials know your thoughts today.

Gary Curtis


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