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Letters to the Editor
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In John Boston’s commentary on Feb. 12, he is protesting the suggestion we need to change the name of the Hart High School mascot, Hart High Indians. He brings up so many great points when it comes to the political correctness we find ourselves in these days. I also agree that educators should be teaching fact, not politically correct facts. Brainwashing is brainwashing no matter what side of the road you walk on. 

I am not for making light of or offending any segment of our society. However, I agree that to be aghast that we still have a mascot that represents some of the most noble, beloved people ever to live on this continent tells you about the lens those people are looking through. My lens sees a brave people who fought until the end against mass extinction and who were able to live in complete harmony with the planet. The people upset seem to see a caricature popularized by Walt Disney. I also agree with Mr. Boston that if we are going to start down that path, why ARE we glamorizing Vikings, Centurions, Pirates and Buccaneers?  

Answer: They are seen as brave, fierce, unstoppable warriors. Same as the Hart High and John Burroughs Indians. I am a proud graduate of John Burroughs, my husband a graduate of Hart High. Both of us are Indians. Hart High should not use the racial slur Redskins but Indians is another thing altogether. If the Native American tribes in our nation feel the term Indian is as offensive as Redskin, by all means change it. Until then, go to your safe room and cover your ears. There is a lot more going on in this world that is destroying humanity than having a mascot named the Indians, and you probably can’t handle hearing about that, either. 

I will probably lose some “friends” by saying what I think. To that I say, “Bye Felicia!” 

Laura Brewer 


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