Marybelle Knight | Misleading Voter Registration Tallies

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Katie Hill’s recent column (Feb. 9) may be correct in stating that Republican registered voters in the Santa Clarita Valley (31.8%) have gone down and the Democratic registered voters have gone up (39.3%.). She goes on to say: “There are more than twice as many non-Republicans here.”  

That, too, is true, but what she fails to explain is that the NPP (no party preference) registered voters in Santa Clarita (22.7%) and “other” (6.2%) leaned very strongly in favor of the Republican Party and Mike Garcia this time around. Although the Democrats had 7.5% more registered voters than the Republicans in the Santa Clarita Valley, (Christy Smith) still lost by a “fraction of a percentage point” (333 votes) because the (28.9%) non-Republicans also failed to support her.

Marybelle Knight


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