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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I read Ariel Penn’s letter to the editor Jan. 30 and found it interesting that Rep. Mike Garcia wrote an opinion piece published the same day. Ariel, I hope you read that piece since it answers many of your questions. I found your characterization of Garcia as a seditionist and traitor to simply be untrue. His actions in Congress were completely within the law and are not an undermining of the elections, but rather, a part of the perfectly legal process. It is ironic that you call him an enemy of the Constitution when he was following the constitutional process. Garcia immediately condemned the wrong actions of Jan. 6 and called for the rioters to stand down and stop. I think your name-calling shows you don’t know the meaning of traitor or sedition. I get that you don’t believe people who disagree with you should hold office and would offer this advice: Get used to disappointment.

Mike Sandeen

Canyon Country

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