Stephen Maseda | An Unprecedented Attack?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I would have thought that the multiday attack on the White House last summer during the Black Lives Matter “mostly peaceful” protests, when the president had to be evacuated by the Secret Service, might qualify (as unprecedented). In my 75 years on this planet I cannot recall any such attack. 

As for Mr. Joshua Heath (Jan. 26), apparently Rep. Mike Garcia’s obligations are to uphold Heath’s views of what is right and wrong or be called a moral coward. Mr. Heath appears undaunted by the fact that Congressman Garcia was following a statutory procedure, calling attention to issues Mr. Heath would rather not consider, and he equates the right to speak and debate in the halls of Congress with cowardice. Sad really, but par for the course, and part of the problem. 

Stephen Maseda

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