Betty Arenson | Appreciation for Garcia Office Staff

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Letters to the Editor
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This is a huge “thank you” to 25th District Rep. Mike Garcia’s staff at the Santa Clarita office.

I had an ongoing claim with the United States Postal Service for an insured package that arrived to its destination on time; the problem was the box was torn half open and the contents were missing, but the box fragments were “delivered” with a post office stamp stating “damaged.” It was unbelievable.

The claim process was an exercise in left-hand-does-not- know-what-the-right-hand-is-doing. After two and a half months of post office visits, paperwork, etc., I contacted Rep. Garcia’s staff and presented all of my paperwork copies. I received a phone call from a postal employee the next day, and had two followup calls, and the matter was resolved within three working days.

I never expected a positive closure to come so efficiently.

Again, thank you staff.

Betty Arenson

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