Dave Sotero | Ferdman Cited Wrong Toll Road Study

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Alan Ferdman commentary, “Congestion Pricing and Toll Roads,” March 4: 

Metro’s Traffic Reduction Study is exploring if, where, and how a pilot program with congestion pricing and additional transportation options could reduce traffic and make it easier for everyone to get around in L.A. County. When used as part of a comprehensive strategy, this approach can encourage some people to change the way they travel some of the time. This could include traveling at a different time, taking a different route, using a different mode such as carpooling, transit, or walking, biking or rolling, combining and reducing trips, telecommuting or traveling to another destination. Everyone will benefit from reduced traffic, but not everyone may be able to shoulder the cost. That’s why Metro will identify additional transportation options and other strategies such as low-income assistance programs to support vulnerable households and communities that could be affected by a pilot program. 

Mr. Ferdman incorrectly cited an ongoing congestion pricing study in Seattle. Metro was citing the SR-520 corridor in Washington State, where congestion pricing and expanded transit have been combined to produce significant travel time savings and increased speeds. Other cities around the world have experienced similar results and additional benefits such as improved access to key destinations and reduced emissions. 

Dave Sotero

Communications Manager

L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

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