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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Immediately before the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, the Democratic Party and its supporters began talking about “uniting the country” in a “coalition” that would serve as the anti-Trump electoral movement during the election campaign. All were seemingly welcome, especially Republicans who declined to support President Donald Trump in 2016, the so-called “Never Trumpers” who were either members of the former Eastern Establishment, former George W. Bush administration officials who advocate endless wars, conservative-minded independents or libertarians. The more the merrier, the idea was, which only makes sense given that the goal was to elect any Democrat and unseat President Trump.

After a great deal of machinations, mostly from establishment D.C. political support, Joe Biden became the Democratic presidential nominee and took office as president on Jan. 20.

What is shocking is that the left had the gall if not political courage to compare this coalition to a “Democratic Front” similar to those used during and after World War II in Eastern Europe. Left-wing activists even said they were fighting in an “anti-fascist resistance.” Any borderline-competent student of history would have retracted the term “Democratic Front” as those were communist-led or infiltrated movements that eventually turned all of those countries into totalitarian regimes: Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, East Germany and Czechoslovakia. Tragically, now many Democrats have begun a similar pattern: Show trials, “deprogramming” and beginning to ostracize any anti-left political activity. The second-installment impeachment “trial” of President Trump underscores show trial tactics. The last-minute stunt by U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Maryland, to call witnesses to testify against President Trump would be laughed out of any American court. Where is the due process, asked President Trump’s counsel, who asked for depositions of the witnesses. The Democratic senators laughed. Stalin would have laughed too, for the joke was always on the accused.

For those who believe this is over the top, I remind you, my family lived in a Stalinist state.

There were plenty of “useful idiots,” to use Lenin’s term, and “fellow travelers” who allowed a small political faction to seize power and consolidate. After show trials came more sustained terror that hit the entire population. Deprogramming/re-education camps came next. We must remain vigilant against this form of silencing and sequestering of political opposition or history will repeat itself.

Vlad Ghenciu

Porter Ranch

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