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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

A couple of days ago, I was attending to help out at Rep. Mike Garcia’s headquarters to help out with the Saturday of service food drive we volunteers were having. I was sorting out cans, bagged pasta, etc., and I was checking out to see what we’ve got in and checking people off on the list of who brought for the food drive. 

Then surprise, who walked in the meeting room, was Garcia, the man himself. I had a mixture of feelings. Surprised, a little on the shy side, and super happy that I get to finally meet the congressman I wholeheartedly support. I shook his hand and we were talking about how I’m a huge defender and supporter for him, and he seems to like my efforts on defending him and supporting him. I also thanked him for doing such a miraculous job here in our district for working so hard and voting accordingly to what we voters have asked him to do. Our district appreciates him. 

My experience meeting Garcia? He’s a wholesome guy and even when you’ve just met him, it feels like you’ve already known him. He’s got a great aura and vibe about him that makes you feel welcomed to be his friend. 

Alyssa Theodore

Agua Dulce

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