Gerrie Currie | Congressman Should Redirect Attention

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I would like to respond to (the Rep. Mike) Garcia article, which appeared in your Friday, April 9, edition. “Garcia launches election security congressional group.” He, like many others, still insists that the presidential election was (potentially) full of fraud. Donald Trump lost. Most of the lawsuits that were filed were proven false. Do we want to see more of the same insurrection we all saw played out right before our eyes on TV? How many of you saw something contrary to it, such as the participants, hugging and kissing the Capitol Police? What a slap in the face to all of us, who felt the horror and sadness that occurred. People lost their lives, others were put in danger, so much damage done to the property, etc., of which our tax dollars had to and still will be paying for the damage and extra security.

One of the main issues he should be putting his energy into is setting up a committee on studying ways to curb the use of firearms that have and continue to kill so many innocent and helpless adults, children, of all ages, and ethnic groups.

If you agree with me, please call his office and let him know how you feel. Thank you.

Gerrie Currie


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