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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

My whole family has been vaccinated. My wife and I went to Magic Mountain four times in January and February (we could not get appointments together) and it was easy. Others in the family had to drive 40 miles twice to get their shot or walk in but all of us from brothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters, grandsons, in-laws and outlaws managed to get vaccinated by the three providers.

Since when is it appropriate to show people getting shots on TV? You see it now daily on the local and international news in the media’s quest to report the progress in vaccinations and supposedly encourage all people to be vaccinated. But instead the media is causing us wince every time we see someone getting their shot on TV. I recently had a blood draw for tests, and while there saw a teenager crying that she did not want to proceed and mother saying it was OK and they would do it another day. Is this what we want for our children, fear of being protected?

 I have been around a long time, had numerus shots, given blood and the needles have gotten a lot better. So let’s all of us, including the media, make an effort to encourage those who are hesitating to join in bringing us back to the normal life we had. 

Bill Speer

Santa Clarita 

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