Patricia Suzanne | Lies from the Left and Media: Aren’t You Tired?

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

Day after day Democrat leaders and their cronies tell us we should cut carbon emissions, defund police, give up our legally obtained firearms, etc. They claim it’s dangerous to work out at the athletic club, eat inside a restaurant and go to school. This while they receive steady paychecks, fly in private jets, work out at gyms in capitol buildings, eat in “secret” at fancy restaurants and send their kids and grandkids to private schools. 

We’re told we can’t protect our families, while they’re escorted by hired security forces. We pay ever-mounting taxes so government officials and bureaucrats can redistribute our dollars for their pet causes and badly negotiated contractual obligations.  

I’m tired of listening to the pontificating of these self-serving officials. Aren’t YOU? 

Aren’t you tired of being treated like a sick child? Stay home from school, don’t play with your friends, don’t go to anything social etc. You’re not mature enough to make your own decisions about anything and you don’t care about other people. 

Never before in history have the healthy been quarantined, fined for opening their businesses, dragged off empty beaches and mandated to wear a medical device. Yes, a mask that covers your nose and mouth and restricts your breathing is a medical device (per Medical Devices Regulations 2002). Without informed consent following a health risk assessment, no one can demand that you or your children wear a mask. (See more at 

Aren’t you tired of lies and prevarications from the mainstream media? If you get your news only from liberal news outlets, you wouldn’t know that the federal government has been investigating Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, since 2018, for potential criminal violations of tax and money-laundering laws. Or the suppression of John Kerry giving classified information to Iran about Israel’s defense plans.   

No one can forget the Trump-Russia collusion story that dominated CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and USA Today for years? Totally fake news — never happened. The MSM still denies “the peaceful protests” were not peaceful with burning buildings and helmet-wearing agitators throwing rocks at police.  

When the MSM is totally wrong, you might find a brief note or comment somewhere, explaining that the story “did not meet our editorial standards and has been retracted.” Lame. 

Aren’t you tired of dangerous criminals being released from prison or sent back out on the street after their arrest? No bail required. Sanctuary policies, COVID-19, L.A. County’s new District Attorney George Gascón and “Defund the Police” movements are yielding higher violent crime numbers. In Los Angeles County, murders have spiked more than 200% this year compared to the same time in 2020. Even Gascón’s deputy district attorneys are alarmed at his policies favoring criminals over victims. Petitions to recall Gascón will be circulating soon. (See 

Aren’t you tired of hearing that wealthy people don’t pay their “fair share” of taxes? The actual data: The top 50% of taxpayers pay 97% of all individual income taxes; the top 5% pay nearly 60 cents of every federal income tax dollar. (See more at  

And speaking of taxes… Aren’t you tired of legalized theft — tax dollars forced out of your paycheck that are wasted, with no accountability? Prisoners illegally filed for state unemployment, and the Employment Development Department willingly obliged, wasting about $30 billion — OUR money. State employees evidently didn’t verify claims. No accountability whatsoever by California Labor Secretary Julie Su. She conveniently retired and is being considered to join Joe Biden’s administration. No joke. 

Consider the money spent year after year on lavish salaries, benefits and pensions for public service workers. Can’t fault them; their unions negotiated well, to taxpayers’ detriment. Check out the word “dentist” at You’ll be shocked to see pay and benefits over $600,000 annually for individuals working in California correctional facilities. Here you can look up ANY government-paid employee (city, county, state, school district, university, etc.) and find what they’re paid for work or retirement.  

Aren’t you tired of hearing about gun control from people who don’t know an AR-15 from an AK-47? If you don’t know the difference, yourself, it’s certainly easy to find out. Hint – “AR” does NOT stand for “Assault Rifle.” American cities are awash in gun control laws. How about we amp up enforcement and stop trying to take self-protection away from law-abiding citizens? Last time I checked, criminals don’t obey rules. 

Aren’t you tired of being told that law enforcement officers are bad guys,worse than criminals,while real statistics are buried? Listen to prominent liberal voices, and you’d think that thousands of unarmed Black men are being hunted down like prey daily.  

In a recent survey about race and policing, roughly 44% of respondents, self-identified as either “liberal” or “very liberal,” believed that more than 1,000 unarmed Black Americans were killed by police in 2019. The real number was nine. Twice as many unarmed white men were killed by police that year. We all want those numbers to be zero, but raging emotional misinformation drives anger and flawed policy, which the Left knows all too well. Ignore the media hype and do your own homework. Visit and/or 

Aren’t you tired of hearing that photo ID laws equal voter suppression? As if “underserved communities” are too lazy or ignorant to obtain a photo ID. Insulting! Do you KNOW a single adult without an ID? It’s needed to drive a vehicle, board an airplane, purchase alcohol, show at a medical clinic or hospital, enter a government building, and even (gasp!) attend the Democrat National Convention! 

Remember when Hillary Clinton pandered to a Southern Black audience, saying, “I don’t feel no-ways tired”? Putting aside the source and the phony accent, the statement is one conservatives might adopt. We cannot be tired, we cannot give up, we cannot allow “woke” leftists showering us day after day with Marxist, big-government policies to steal our way of life. We must stay on the path – to save our God-given rights and uniquely American freedoms. 

Patricia Suzanne is a professional writer, retired small business owner, and conservative activist. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays an rotates among local Republicans.

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