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SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

Yahoo’s front page is interesting. There is a sort of rinse, repeat and regurgitate theme to what they post about. I say post, because I cannot even bring myself to say the words “write” and “Yahoo” in the same sentence. For me it seems like an oxymoron.  

They like to build up the celebrity, or reality TV celebrity…wait, is there even a difference anymore? After all we’ve democratized fame so much that a mere vote allows one to rise to star status; regardless of the path of not-so-good behaviors they engaged in whilst strolling along the boulevard of their dreams longing to be noticed, with an added sweet potato mantra: I Yam Somebody. 

And when the not-so-good behaviors reappear, Yahoo is the first to post about it. 

With the likes of Twitter and the ability to say what you are feeling at any moment without a filter, or thinking before you speak, we’ve really had the chance to see what kind of people these celebrities — wink-wink — truly are.  

Maybe it’s me, but I find Chrissy Teigen’s vitriolic words abhorrent. Recently it was brought to the public’s attention that she had in the past twitted, oops sorry, tweeted terrible things about Courtney Stodden, Avril Lavigne, Lindsey Lohan and Sarah Palin.  

She has since apologized for her immature behavior, and she was much younger when she did this, but the things she said were awful, including telling Stodden in a direct message to commit suicide. She also said that Lindsey Lohan adds more slits to her wrist when she sees Emma Stone, and if that isn’t enough, said if Avril was her child, she rather choose to have a barren, sterile existence that ends when she dies. And the topper was about Sarah Palin, where she said she doesn’t want much from Sarah Palin, she wants her to admit partial fault, then shoot herself in the face, and she ended with this: “Is that wrong?” 

Folks, she is a wife and mother. I hope she will choose to use her fame in a positive fashion; otherwise, I think she’ll end up being a “Legend” in her own mind.  

On to “American Idol.” Caleb, dude!!! What in the heck were you thinking being on a video with the KKK hoodie person? I mean, really. After seeing the Yahoo post about what you put on Instagram, regarding taking some time off to better yourself is the right thing to do. Please educate yourself. A good starting point would be to read the book: “Ku Klux Klan – A History Of Racism.”  Julian Bond, whose father was the late Horace Mann Bond, wrote the preface and it is a superb overview about the history of hate and racism.  

Was it even a surprise that Josh Duggar was once again involved in complete and utter inappropriate behavior?  

The self-admitted child molester, porn addict and wife-cheater added more to his resume’ recently. This time he’s been charged with possession of child pornography 

I find it interesting that his father, Jim Bob Duggar, was a candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2002, and a part of his platform was that those who committed incest and rape should be given the death penalty. Which is a full 180 because his own son he treated very differently, and the only known punishment imposed upon his son was to have a “stern talk” with a friend of his who was a police officer. That “stern talk” occurred more than a year after Josh had confessed to the molestations.  

Apparently more of Josh’s punishment included manual labor, which was to help a friend remodel a building. Ah, yes studies have shown that sexual deviancy can be cured with a little remodeling and manual labor, insert sarcasm here please. The state trooper, well, he too had a problem with child pornography and is currently serving a 56-year sentence. Apples and trees, or in this case the apple and the tree’s friend. Conveniently, it has also been reported that the Duggars allowed enough time to pass so when someone else had alerted another police department, in Springdale, Arkansas, about Josh’s admitted molestation issues, it was too late, the statute of limitations had expired. 

So, case closed? Wait, not so fast. The interesting part of sweeping things under a rug is, it does have its downfall — that darn rug gets a little bulky as more lascivious and lewd behaviors are added and sooner or later everything comes spilling out.  

It has been reported that: 

Federal prosecutors cited Duggar’s admitted molestation as a sign that he was a danger to the community. 

“He has shown the court he has a history dating back 20 years that shows a sexual attraction to children and the deviousness of his activity,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Carly Marshall said. 

Federal authorities said they began investigating after a Little Rock police detective found child pornography files were being shared by a computer investigators traced to Duggar. A federal Homeland Security agent testified pornographic images depicting the sexual abuse of children, including toddlers, had been downloaded in May 2019 by a computer at a car dealership Duggar owned. 

Agent Gerald Faulkner said multiple child pornography files were found on the computer and that more than 200 images had been found on the computer that had been deleted. 

Faulkner said the images downloaded were among “top five of the worst of the worst that I’ve ever had to examine.” 

Josh Duggar will stand trial on July 6 of this year. It will be interesting to see how he tries to get out of this one.  

Until then, it’s just another day in the Hoo’s Hoo of Yahoo. 

Jennifer Danny is a Santa Clarita resident. 

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