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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I just read Gary Horton’s latest (column, June 2). The first thing that came to mind was the term, “pathological confabulation,” a situation in which a person adopts a fanciful world view that seems to explain life’s situations, then lives rigidly within its precepts, ignoring any and all evidence to the contrary. Some on the left will immediately accuse those on the right of the same thing – but the right’s resistance to progressive socialism is based on witnessing history and the universal destruction of freedom, civil and personal rights, an open economy and religious freedom that exists in countries that have tried it.

I would like to remind Gary that the “gullible,” “racist,” “retro-thinking” “internal terrorists” he so casually degrades are his neighbors, veterans, wives, mothers, taxpayers, disabled, elderly, students, union workers, people of faith and atheists, minorities and whites, his fellow Americans.

Of course this is nothing new for the left, describing political enemies in “subhuman” terms. Making them “objectionable” is part of the program: deplorables, bitter clingers, insurrectionists, reactionaries, enemies of democracy, racists, homophobes, xenophobic, deniers (of anything they promote), chauvinists, etc. This is keeping with the Marxist idea of promoting internal struggle within a country using a victimhood cult to organize against the “ruling class.” Divide and conquer. That we see it working in America is frightening, and to see Gary participate is sad.

Conservatives (the ones I’ve known) want simple things: liberty, personal freedom, constitutional protections against government overreach, low taxes, smaller, honest, transparent government. What has the left given us? Ideological conformity, hate toward their political enemies (half the country), antifa, street riots, critical race theory, cancel culture, pornographic sex education, high taxes, draconian limits on freedoms per “medical” emergencies that constantly shift, including socially forced experimental drugs.

The trouble with the last election isn’t going away. I don’t think Joe Biden engineered it – he probably didn’t know. But I think the people behind him may have. As to evidence, there seems to be some there. I have about two hours recorded on my DVR, which I’d be happy to share with Gary. There are computer scientists who point to coordinated algorithms across several voting machines that corresponded in amending vote tallies. There is video footage of workers recounting the same ballots three and four times. There are several thousand signed affidavits (under threat of perjury) from people who witnessed suspicious or suspected criminal behavior. There are reportedly paper ballots that lack the watermark of the government printing office and may have come from China. And of course, Biden won with more votes that Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, but won fewer counties.

OK, maybe I’m crazy. Maybe we’re all crazy. Why not prove it to us instead of shouting us down and insulting a third of the country? Prove we’re all hysterical, paranoid fools. Demand a fair, transparent forensic audit across the board and show us how your guy got 80-plus million votes, then rub it in our faces. That’s what an honest person would do.

Richard La Motte


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