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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Arthur Saginian (letters, July 20): You asked the conservatives and the liberals to not conduct god experiments publicly. You stated that God doesn’t know everything and we are His lab assignment and He is still taking notes. 

The Bible has a lot to say on those subjects but it points to a really far-out-there happening. All the way through from when it was first penned it points to one that would rise from the dead. Maybe you’re the one taking lab notes and should do a deep dive study on whether or not this one that rose from the dead really did. And if you discover that He really did, take the proper actions. 

The only thing this one that rose from the dead has to do with the Democrats or the Republicans is that they too should do that deep dive into history and decide what they believe. God’s experiment is us, if you will, and He isn’t too private about it. 

You say abortion is a right but you don’t want your money paying for it. How about a correct definition of terms? If a heartbeat is being destroyed isn’t it called murder and not birth control no matter whose money is paying for it? 

I’m just one of the hypocrites speaking out. 

David Smith 

Santa Clarita 

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