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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The reason I voted for Rep. Mike Garcia in the last election was because I did not like his competitor. I liked the man who was going door to door. I could not visit with him because I was on my way out. I took his paperwork, and he asked if he could come another time. I said “Sure,” thinking I would never see him again. Well, he came back and we had a nice talk. I asked him a lot of questions and I liked all of his answers. Of course, that was not enough for me, so I started looking up “Mike Garcia.”  

So far, I have been very happy that I chose Mike to vote for. As for NOW, I will definitely be voting for him, again. Kinda wish it was for governor. But, I digress! 

I was at Mike’s “Birthday Rally” a couple of months ago. My first real rally, though I have been involved in politics and fighting for various things I believed in (along with my friend whose name will remain anonymous because I don’t want to put her at risk). We became very involved when our children were very young. VERY involved. Lots to tell. But, let’s just say, fake news existed way back then in the 1970s. I was kicked out of a board of education meeting because we were tired of going to meetings and excited to see the news. CBS, ABC, NBC, etc., showed only the very few people who spoke FOR forced busing of our children. The overwhelming majority of those present, of all skin colors, were so against this. Yet, somehow we never made the news. 

I unplugged one of the channels at the last meeting I attended and was almost carried out and told not to return. My friend thought I was going to get us killed. I would say at least 95% of those present were cheering for me and booing those who kicked me out. 

We went on to fight many more battles throughout the year. Long story, and straying from my main topic: Re-elect Mike Garcia. 

At the rally, when I shook his hand, I “thanked” him in a way that my grandson (who is in the Navy) told me. He said: “Grams, I know you always ‘thank’ everyone in uniform for their service. If you see someone you KNOW is or was in the Navy, thank him with these words: ‘I want to thank you for your ——- service.” 

“But, Grams, make SURE it’s a Navy person. I don’t know if this is the way you should thank any of the other services.”

Well, until that day, I had not met anyone I was SURE was Navy. But, that day, I remembered that Mike Garcia had been Navy, and I told a young couple across from me the story. They were overwhelmed with laughter and asked if I would, please, do it. 

So, I did. He laughed as he shook my hand and told me, “You must have Navy in the family!” His handshake was firm and friendly (as my Dad always told me was the way it should be). 

The more I get to know him, the more I admire the person he is. 

FOR: Supporting our police, a strong border, anything that will improve and not destroy our wonderful Santa Clarita. 

AGAINST: Critical Race Theory being taught in our schools. Most of us need to “remain” colorblind as far as a person’s skin color (just as at least 85-90% of our country is, because we were taught to be). Most of us would not even be thinking of race if it was not for Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the far left who are running our country into communism as fast as they can. 

Look into Mike Garcia. Get his weekly newsletter. 

Get involved, please!

Diane Zimmerman 


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