Mark Hershey | An Individual’s Act in July 4 Parade

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

My friend and I organized the recent car parade on the Fourth of July. We would like to thank all those who participated in the parade. Our goal was to get 30 cars driven by people who loved our country and wanted to celebrate our nation’s birth, but we were ecstatic to have 78 cars participate. The parade had patriotic local officials, 30 beautiful classic cars, several military veteran participants, and numerous decorated vehicles. The positive energy and love for the U.S. was overwhelming at our gathering point while we prepared for the parade. Thank you everyone. It was a tremendous event. God bless America. 

The day after the parade, I learned one of the vehicles had some version of Confederate flag or collage of Confederate flags inside the cab, hanging on the back window. Even though we passionately believe in the First Amendment, we made a check of the cars before we left the lot because this parade was to celebrate the birth of the greatest nation on the planet. We did ask several people who displayed F-Biden flags to remove them because, again, this is not what the parade was about. We are sorry someone chose to create controversy by displaying a flag that had nothing to do with this event and we feel is a hateful symbol. 

I told potential participants that only flags promoting patriotism would be acceptable. 

As one of the promoters of an event to celebrate America’s birth open to all, I was overwhelmed by the support for this event and hope all Americans had as great of an Independence Day celebration that I enjoyed. 

God bless the United States of America.

Mark Hershey 

Santa Clarita

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