Rick Barker | Ignoring Young Conservatives?

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Letters to the Editor
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In re: Lois Eisenberg, “Young Voters Making a Difference,” July 3.

In reading Ms. Eisenberg’s letter to the editor, I was wondering if she is intentionally ignoring all of the wonderful young people in the Santa Clarita Valley who don’t happen to share her liberal-Democratblue opinion.

I personally know and have worked with a whole bunch of young people in this valley on political issues and in support of conservative/Republican candidates and I have found them to be some of the most knowledgable people, of all ages, when it comes to local, state and national issues. I’m confident that the young people that Ms. Eisenberg speaks of are also wonderful young people who are also knowledgable and dedicated to their cause and views…but they only represent one side and view of things in our wonderful 245-year experiment in democracy!

The whole idea in celebrating (Independence) day is to embrace the ideals, and even the ever-present flaws, in the greatest country that has ever existed — and hopefully all of these young people will help preserve this for their children and the children of many generations to come.

Rick Barker


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