Dick Cesaroni | What’s Wrong with this Government?

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Letters to the Editor
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Subject: What else? The illegal immigrants.

Just viewed an email that shows that the Border Patrol is busing illegal immigrants from the border to a facility in Del Rio, Texas. From there they are bused or given transportation to an airport and dispersed throughout the country with a sheet of paper instructing them to report to an immigration office within 60 days for processing. 

Get real. 

ALL these undocumented illegal aliens are untested for COVID-19 and unvaccinated for COVID-19 but are allowed into our country to infect American citizens while the good citizens are being held captive. 

What the hell is wrong with this government? To be more precise, what is wrong with the Democratic government? This is sick. This is socialism. 

Possible solution: Take ALL these able-bodied illegal immigrant males, induct them into the military, train them, vaccinate them and send THEM to Afghanistan to relieve our troops and give them a well-deserved rest. 

The best thing that can happen is that these able-bodied illegal immigrants will go AWOL, and we will be rid of them. OR, they may just turn around and go back to their own country. Problem solved. 

Oh, stop your bleeding hearts from crying. You make me sick! 

We are being held prisoners by the Democratic governor and the Board Supervisors of Los Angeles County and the Centers for Disease Control. 

Come election time, throw them out of office. 

Wake up, folks! Wear a mask if you feel like it. Don’t wear it if you feel like it. 

Tell the government what they can do with their masks. 

One taxpayer’s opinion 

Dick Cesaroni


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