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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I claim my inalienable right to disagree with a lot of the statements that Gary Horton makes in his column, but I really agree with his arguments against the “Don’t Make Me” school district protesters in his Aug. 18 opinion. Here’s a very short list of some “Don’t Make Me” arguments that will support his assertions. Don’t Make Me:

Stop at all stop signs. 

Have a driver’s license. Corollary to that; don’t make me have public liability auto insurance. 

Get a smog test on my old 1985 beater car.

Pay taxes if I don’t like the way the government is going. HEY, there’s one!

Put nutrition labels on the products I’m selling.

Go to school at 8, when I’d feel like going at noon.

Feel guilty if I don’t assure everyone in my car wears a seat belt, because I think I’m a good driver.

Feel guilty if I’m the parent whose child probably gave COVID-19 to all the cheerleaders in Indian Wells. Not me, but you may know who you are.

For all you naysayers today, if you were around in the 1940s and 50s and remember: Don’t make me take the polio vaccine, because I’m willing to risk it for my own preferences. 

Roger Ickes

Canyon Country

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