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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Lois Eisenberg’s letter in The Signal on Sept. 3 is so focused on a tree, she missed the whole forest.

Republican criticisms have NOTHING to do with “intervention in Afghanistan.” They deal with the awful withdrawal. Lois is correct that “intervention” began with President George W. Bush and continued with Barack Obama and Donald Trump. 

Most Republicans today agree that nation-building in Afghanistan was a mistake. But let’s look at how Biden created a DISASTER:

1. First using a “date certain” for our withdrawal. Never do such a stupid thing! Trump had a “conditions-based” plan. (Violated by the Taliban.)

2. Next was abandoning Bagram Airbase and ceasing air support to Afghan troops, who then gave up and the Taliban quickly gained district after district.

3. Third was not removing all U.S. citizens and Afghan supporters before removing troops.

4. Fourth was abandoning BILLIONS of dollars’ worth of equipment. (Have you seen the Taliban decked out in our nice “camo” and sporting helmets with night vision goggles?) Also abandoned were thousands of small arms and millions of ammo rounds. Much of the heavy gear (mine-resistant vehicles, Humvees, aircraft, etc.) were “made useless.” But Iran, China and Russia can take delight in analyzing these and reverse engineering them.

If Biden overruled recommendations by the secretary of defense, the secretary of state and Gen. Mark Milley, they should have resigned in protest.  Since none did, all three should be fired!

Albert Bigelow


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