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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

We need to save America’s wild equines, and to do this Congress needs to pass H.R 3355. This bill is called the SAFE ACT, Save America’s Forgotten Equines. 

This bill is to prevent the shipment of wild horses to foreign countries for slaughter and to prevent these horses to be shipped in inhumane conditions such as no food and water for days being crammed in a shipping trailer. 

The methods for forcing these animals into these shipping trailers are beating these horses with chains, whips and shocking them with tasers. When these horses arrive to be inhumanly slaughtered, they are in a single-file line being whipped and beaten to be forced into the slaughterhouse.

Once they arrive inside these slaughterhouses, these horses are then shot with a stun gun to the brain or hung, choking and struggling for their lives until they are unconscious. 

As an equestrian and a owner of a rescued quarter horse, this is a disgusting practice and we should never be doing this to America’s own horses. These horses are used for therapy and 85% of Americans oppose the cruelty these horses endure. 

I’ve talked to many of my friends about how we need Congress to act on this issue , including my friend and our very own congressman, Mike Garcia. I’ve told him about this bill and what he says is that this is a disgusting act upon America’s own equines and is against the inhumane practice. 

I am so proud of how our congressman is doing everything he can to protect and serve all of us here in the 25th Congressional District, and as all of my friends and I are also volunteers of his, I’m hoping he signs his name on cosponsoring this bill. 

As a bipartisan bill we have so far 83 cosponsors, both Democrats and Republicans. I am happy we have bipartisan support on this bill. 

As President Ronald Reagan once quoted, “There is nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse.”

Alyssa Theodore
Agua Dulce

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