Lynn Wright | Protest Based on a Rumor

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Letters to the Editor
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The Signal reported (Sept. 4) that about 100 Santa Clarita residents gathered at the Porsche dealership in Valencia to demand that Gov. Gavin Newsom come out and face them. But here’s the funny part: Newsom wasn’t there. He was never going to be there. It was a false rumor based on nothing but the fevered rantings of people who are detached from reality.

Truth, facts and even reality take a back seat to whatever it is they want to believe.  

These people (disturbed) a local business and cursed at their customers, because they read something on Facebook, the same place they get their vaccine and anti-mask “information.” These people have gone so far down the rabbit hole they will never find their way back. 

God help this country.

Lynn Wright


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