Max Morgan | Biden Owns Afghanistan Debacle

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Letters to the Editor
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In her latest discursive and wandering “I hate all things Republican and Donald Trump” weekly rant, Lois Eisenberg (Sept. 3) would have us believe that the disaster with the withdrawal in Afghanistan is the fault of previous administrations, both Republican and Democrat.

Here’s the reality, Lois: Joe Biden owns it, plain and simple.

Looking for a 9/11 photo op and victory lap, it was Joe Biden’s sole decision to withdraw all U.S. forces by Aug 31. It was Joe Biden’s decision to act unilaterally, without the leadership or courtesy to involve our NATO allies in that decision. It was Joe Biden’s decision not to extend the withdrawal deadline at the request of our allies so they could safely evacuate all of their citizens before his arbitrary deadline expired. 

It was Joe Biden’s decision to tell American citizens and our Afghan allies that it was their responsibility to run the gauntlet of Taliban, al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists to get to the airport at Kabul. That lack of planning and security resulted in the deaths of 13 of our finest and over 200 Afghans. 

It was Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw all of our forces BEFORE all of our American citizens and Afghan allies had been evacuated and were safe. 

It was Joe Biden’s decision to leave behind $80 billion in military hardware and supplies behind, to be used and reversed engineered by our enemies.

Unlike Lois, objective leaders (Democrats) on the other side of the aisle and a fawning left-wing media have all placed the blame for this disaster squarely at the feet of Joe Biden, not on Donald Trump and not on past administrations. 

In a rare moment of candor, even Biden’s own secretary of defense, a Democrat, told us the withdrawal was a disaster. 

More recently, Biden’s secretary of state, another Democrat, admitted that at least 100-200 Americans were left behind, and among them, more than 20 high school students. 

I can almost guarantee the numbers are even much higher than that. 

Thanks to Joe Biden’s total failure of leadership and tactical planning, our international image and moral standing in the world has been irreparably damaged. Our enemies mock us. Our allies no longer trust us, and the world has become a much more dangerous place.

Jimmy Carter, another Democrat, is no longer the worst president in my lifetime. Joe Biden is the new standard bearer.

Max Morgan


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