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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

“You cannot work unvaccinated. You might make someone sick.”

But I’m not sick.

“Yeah, but you might become sick one day. “

Then I would stay home.

“But you might not know it and still have it and might therefore come to work and might spread it.”

But how could that be? I’ve already had this germ. 

“You might get it a second time.”

How often does that happen? 

“That doesn’t matter. It might happen, so we need to be protected.”

But your chances of getting the germ, even if I’m sick, are tiny. “I might still get it from you.”

But you’re vaccinated. 

“Even still, it might not protect me fully.”

But it’s mild in 95% of cases, even for unvaccinated people. “I might be the 5%, dammit! And then I might go to the hospital and I might find that it’s full. And then I might die.”

How often does that happen? “Doesn’t matter. It might happen, and that’s all that matters.”

Aren’t all those compounded “mights” pretty long odds, for some uncertain date in the future, all in order to guarantee that I DEFINITELY can’t work today? 

“I don’t care. This isn’t about your freedom. Or your job. I’m scared, and that’s all that matters. So take the vaccine. It’s the new rule.”

But you said you might still get it from me, despite our vaccines, and you might be the 1%, and then you might go to the hospital and might find that it’s full and might die…


Rob Kerchner


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