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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Well, another disappointment. One of our friendly and local mom-and-pop-type eateries failed to open recently. Sign on the front door, “Closed – staff shortage – unable to hire necessary staff to run business.”

Emergency rooms overrun, hospitals overrun, and all by illegal immigrants storming these venues of hope for minor illness (care) handed out free by our governments. Our government paying folks money to stay home on their lazy butts. Look at all or most of the restaurants and you see the same problems of staff shortages and signs stating, “NOW HIRING.” 

Thanks go to Gov. Gavin Newsom and President Joe Biden and all of the other guides who are trying to lead us into socialism. They are just leading us down the Primrose Lane and they want us to see everything through rose-colored glasses. 

I just hope a lot of folks can set aside their political preferences and see what is going on around you. 

Biden has been in office for what, eight months, and he and the rest of the Democrats are still blaming Donald Trump for what’s wrong? Come on, man! 

You are on a slide and the last portion is covered with sandpaper. One taxpayer’s opinion. 

Dick Cesaroni


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