3 Best Fat Burners for Men and Women in 2022 – Thermogenic Fat Burning Pills Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


Fat burning pills that actually work are hard to find, but there is no shame in getting one for you. This isn’t a personal issue anymore for most people after they gain a considerable amount of weight. Being overweight is not a luxury but this can turn into life-threatening conditions. 

To minimize the risks, fat burners for men and women are used in bulk to comply with the dietary requirements. People wouldn’t have used diet pills if they were ineffective. This is possible for you as well if you manage to get the best fat burners for men and women in 2022. 

Let’s say you have come across to best fat burner for belly fat, what factor are you going to look at? 

Best Fat Burners for Men and Women in 2022

Best fat burners for men aren’t just our target; we also searched for the best fat burner for women and those that can be used by both. 

Here are the best fat burners for men and women in 2022 according to authentic diet pills sources. 

  1. Trimtone – Best Fat Burner for Women
  2. PrimeShred – Best Fat Burner for Men
  3. PhenGold – Best Thermogenic Fat Burner for Men and Women

Something you should know about how to find an effective fat burner is listed below. 

  • You must find out the ingredients that are available in the fat burner that you wish to purchase. The entire weight loss process depends upon it and if you buy a supplement with common ingredients, you might not be happy with the results. 
  • Always look at the TYPE of fat burner that you are buying. Some diet pills are referred to as “Appetite Suppressants” that perform weight loss through overcoming binge eating. Some fat burners are thermogenic that is mostly used by men to promote weight along with a plethora of energy levels for extra physical performance. Fat Blockers are also natural fat burners that prevent extra fat accumulation in the body. Some stimulants-free diet pills are designed for individuals who have an allergy to caffeine and stimulants used in fat burners. 
  • Fat burner pricing is an important factor to look at because natural diet pills do not charge an excessive amount from the users. Depending on the dosage of ingredients, diet Pills Company states the price accordingly. 

Trimtone Review – Best Fat Burner for Women

Trimtone is the finest fat burner for women which are receiving thousands of endorsements every day. 

The reason it got so popular is that many Instagram fitness models started to use Trimtone as an additional measure to lose weight. Trimtone is a candid fat-burning formula for women that involves the particular ingredients required by women in their daily lives. 


  • Supports weight loss by accelerating faster weight loss
  • Increased metabolism speed that gives performance boost
  • Energy levels are maximized because of the natural energy boosters
  • FDA approved labs authenticated Trimtone ingredients as perfectly okay for dieting purpose
  • Easy to use, Trimtone is only used once daily
  • 100 Days Money Back Guarantee Offer

How does Trimtone Works?

Every Trimtone serving unleashes 5 different compounds in your body that are absorbed quickly. Trimtone is an excellent hunger-suppressing diet pill for women which they don’t have any control over. Another thing Trimtone performs in females is mild-thermogenesis which increases the body temperature and shakes off the fat cells as a result. Thermogenesis is a favorable condition that also directs the higher energy levels to the site of action.

Trimtone is the finest metabolism boosting supplement for women that energizes the whole body system as a result of which fat tissues covering the organs start to strip off. This is considered the most aggressive method for weight loss but the type of ingredients chosen should be perfect for this. Rather than finding the best metabolism boosters for female weight loss, it is much easier to simply use Trimtone. 

Trimtone Ingredients

Not the ordinary ones, Trimtone ingredients are scientifically proven weight loss supplements that replicate the phentermine mechanism quite perfectly. The selection of each ingredient took place after finding the calculated dosage for an effective weight loss which also guarantees safety. 

Trimtone ingredients for making it the best fat burner for women are:

  • Green Coffee

Accredited medical sources approve the use of green coffee extract for weight loss. Due to its compound chlorogenic acid, green tea makes some resemblance with caffeine but it additionally supplies numerous anti-oxidants effective for fat burn. In 2017, Dr. Oz approved the use of green coffee beans as a part of your diet plan. 

  • Green Tea

Nobody talks rubbish about green tea because it’s awesome! Entire world communities encourage the use of green tea for weight loss and to provide key compounds such as catechins. Catechins are secret metabolism boosters that you don’t really find in other sources. Fortunately, Trimtone’s idea to make it the best fat burner for females definitely paid off when they added Pure Green Tea Extract in it. 

  • Grains of Paradise

Another new yet effective fat burner for women because of its high stimulant properties. Grains of paradise is a mental performance booster that keeps your senses in one place, most of us lost it while we haven’t had junk food for days. This ingredient keeps females athletic and keeps their calorie levels intact. 

  • Glucomannan

Definitely a reliable source of fiber that female fat burners should have. Glucomannan supports the entire digestion process and it absorbs the water so no extra water retention will make your stomach pudgy. This dietary fiber forms a gel which quickly gets eliminated after taking all the toxins with it. 

  • Caffeine

Caffeine is a fat burner for women but its dosage varies in many supplements, Trimtone precise dosage of caffeine makes it bearable and less jitter-causing which most diet pill users hate. 

Trimtone Fat Burner Before and After Results

Before and after results by Trimtone depends on the dietary intake and time you spend working out. Some Trimtone users experienced the best weight loss of their life during the Quarantine period while COVID-19 cases were rising. 

With only 3 weeks Trimtone use, women actually had 20-25lbs reduced from their body weight. This gave them a flat stomach (not trimmed though) but you can see significant changes in their facial and whole body muscles. 

Making it easy to understand for the users, here is what Trimtone before and after results is:

  • Real Metabolism Boost
  • Fat Burn and Unlocking of Self-Confidence
  • Reduced Cravings and Excessive Focus on Fitness Goals

PrimeShred Review – Best Fat Burner for Men

PrimeShred is an effective fat burner for men for many reasons, the first and the best one is the supplement works like a pre-workout fat burner that provides you high energy and power so you can exercise for longer.

  • Energy Booster
  • Thermogenic Fat Burner
  • Metabolism Booster

A complete gym performance boosting and weight loss formula for men. PrimeShred is made by a UK-based company which claims PrimeShred as:


Men who have been using PrimeShred are recalling the first time they used the supplement. Clearly mentioned and logically put together, here are some features the PrimeShred formula has for men only. 

  • Faster weight loss
  • Appetite controls
  • Immense energy levels
  • Better mental focus
  • Higher self-confidence
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Real reduction in stress levels

How PrimeShred Works?

Shooting off the excess weight isn’t that easy, it takes PrimeShred fat burner to follow 3 different mechanisms which are finally realized as maximum weight loss by the customers. Here is how PrimeShred converts the fat cells into energy that helped its users lose weight drastically. 

Fat cells breakdown occurs that releases the stored fatty acid, PrimeShred after consuming starts to produce fat-burning hormones i.e. nor-epinephrine and epinephrine that are actively produced with the help of ingredients like Green Tea Extract, L-Theanine, DMAE, etc. They also support the transportation of amino acids in the muscles to lean mass would remain intact. 

Enhanced fat burn is the next step which has cayenne pepper and other thermogenic ingredients behind. Through a hardcore process, the amount of energy produced is so much that it starts burning fats quickly.

As a result, Higher Energy Levels are achieved after PrimeShred consumption. PrimeShred increases mental energy along with focus and concentration. 

Primeshred Ingredients

PrimeShred ingredients are approved so they can be used by men as fat burners. They accelerate the workout potentials and escalate weight loss results. 

The formula has:

  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Theanine
  • Green Tea
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Caffeine
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • DMAE
  • Green Coffee
  • Bioperine

PrimeShred Before and After Results

Weight loss pills that actually work have got some before and after pictures of the previous users. Similarly, PrimeShred users shared theirs before and after results with the pictures and some bold statements. 

According to them, the supplement has a considerable effect on their physiology which helped them successfully alter their body tone and size. 

PrimeShred before and after results include:

  • Before and after results after 3 weeks: Better control on the diet when taken regularly for 30 days, PrimeShred suppresses appetite and cravings that prevent users from emotional eating. 
  • After the first month, PrimeShred results in better energy levels than physical workout demands. PrimeShred customers endorsed the massive energy levels that they achieved instantly. 
  • After only 2 weeks with PrimeShred, users noticed the number of stubborn fats reduced markedly. This would let them wear their older outfit collections. 
  • At the end of the first week, PrimeShred supplement boosts the focus and mental power in the consumers which helps them find so many possibilities for weight loss besides only a few exercises.

PhenGold Review – Best Thermogenic Fat Burner for Men and Women

PhenGold is a “Gold Standard” in the fat burner column for 2022 buyers; the high-quality supplement is calling out other fat burners for making them easy to use for both men and women. 

This is the interesting part because the best fat burners for men and women are hard to find. You can find a particular fat burner for men or women but some diet pills that can be used by both would definitely have some lacking. 

After doing a plethora of findings, we found out a unique and effective fat burner that men and women could use without uncertainty. 

Needless to say, PhenGold is a versatile fat burner that promises to deliver not just appetite suppression effect but some astounding results that you don’t in fat burners normally. 

Benefits of PhenGold

PhenGold use as a dual-acting diet pill has some definite positive implications in your life. Here are some:

  • PhenGold improves metabolism which is for a subjective weight loss
  • Natural PhenGold formula regulate the insulin levels in the body which makes it suitable for male and females both
  • Provide sustainable energy levels for maximum performance output
  • Fills up the vitamin deficiency in individuals trying to lose weight
  • Intense recovery time for post-workout purposes
  • Release dopamine and serotonin in the system to quicken cognitive boost
  • Stops fat cells gathering in the belly and buttocks area
  • Mood escalation achieved promptly

How does it Work?

It’s not about losing weight only but PhenGold is an approach towards a healthier life by supplying useful ingredients to meet health goals. The training session will definitely get enhanced with PhenGold which helps you get off the stubborn fats from most annoying places. 

Thermogenic fat burners like PhenGold triggers a non-dangerous and body-healing process that takes care of excessive appetite and fat cell production. To PhenGold users, hormonal fluctuations were the first thing they wanted to manage and since you get tons of hormone-boosting compounds in the formula, the result of PhenGold fat burner shapes up your whole physique by improving your multi-tasking and cognitive skills. 

PhenGold Ingredients

Many skeptical people argue over the efficacy of fat-burning ingredients. PhenGold as we mentioned is one step ahead because the ingredients in the formula have positive reviews from customers all over the US and Europe. 

Green Tea is the main source of catechins which makes it easier for you to meet the fat loss goals. Studies confirm catechin is a strong polyphenol that plays an important role in fat oxidation along with caffeine. Green Tea also improves the thermogenic effects that provide anti-obesity outcomes and it’s flawlessly beneficial for metabolism defects such as inflammation and depletion of neurotransmitters. 


L-Theanine is an excellent stress buster that speeds up the fat cells’ metabolism as a result of non-epinephrine production. 

Rhodiola Rosea SP

For utmost mental cognition and excessive brainpower, Rhodiola is occasionally found in a fat burner for men and women. Studies show that the main roles of Rhodiola SP compound in fat burners are:

  • Antioxidant effect to showcase excessive RBC supply to the organs
  • Improve endurance for exercise.
  • Plays a role of a booster in ATP generation in the skeletal muscles to increase power
  • Positive on heart health and sexual arousals in men and women

Green Coffee

As a big source of chlorogenic acid, green tea has other roles to play in weight loss like managing glucose levels and regulation of fat metabolism. 


L-Tyrosine makes fat burners worth a risk because of its lack of side effects and high focus boosting strength. L-Tyrosine plays a fast role in the depletion of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that helps with over-eating and stress reduction. Studies have shown the following parts about L-Tyrosine:

  • Beneficial for Stress reduction
  • Enhance cognitive abilities, wakefulness, and memory retention

Cayenne Pepper

PhenGold fat burner for men and women is durable and fast-acting because it has the fastest weight loss ingredient known as Cayenne Pepper. This makes PhenGold a wholesome thermogenic fat burner that balances the mood, decreases hunger sensation, and reduces the triglycerides levels in men and women.

For a very long time, Thai women started to consume Cayenne pepper frequently and one could definitely link it with a trimmed belly and awe-inspiring physical features. 

  • Vitamin B3 is a part of the PhenGold fat burner formula which regulates insulin levels. 
  • Vitamin B6 is essential for the proper digestion of fat, carbs, and protein which most people ignore in their diet. 
  • Vitamin B12 plays the role of energy booster in various conditions as it prevents fatigue after excessive physical exercise or putting in heavy effort physically. 


 DMAE is a powerful nootropic and fat burner which encourages the production of health-benefit neurotransmitters in the body. DMAE supplements are entirely a separate thing that bodybuilders use for different occasions- especially for the cutting cycle. 

PhenGold Before and After Results

The internet people call it Jaw-Dropping PhenGold before and after results which amazed many people worldwide. PhenGold has gone from ordinary to an exceptional fat burner that men and women could use without noticing any side effects. 

As an effective fat burner that also looks after your mood and every single aspect for weight loss. PhenGold fat burner promises a full physical transformation that gets users leaner from belly and thighs. 

Women can use PhenGold pills as leading thermogenesis-inducing diet pills that normalize their hormonal fluctuations, one of the main reasons for weight gain. 

Do these Best Thermogenic Fat Burning Pills Work Effectively?

Diet pills skeptics are over after using the best fat burner which is publically sold on online platforms. As far as the best fat burners mentioned in this article, each one of them has received hundreds of positive customer feedbacks calling them the fat burning pills that work!

It’s also been mentioned much time that Thermogenic fat burners also require dietary changes and exercise for quicker results. Using only diet pills by men and women can never be enough to burn off the entire body fat. 

Practicing regular workouts even for 30 minutes and a healthy diet could add 9% more success to fat burner results. 

Summary – Shortlisting Best Fat Burners for Men and Women in 2022

Fat burners to some people, are a shortcut to lose weight which helps you lose extra pounds easily. 

Weight loss supplements deliver potential advantages that many brands seem to miss while targeting a different audience. 

  1. Trimtone is called the best fat burner for women in 2022 because it’s designed to overcome weight gain in females demonstrated by clinically approved natural ingredients. 
  2. PrimeShred is the best fat burner for men in the future 2022 because of its workout-boosting potentials via different ranges of fat burners and energy boosters fused. 
  3. Lastly, PhenGold is pronounced as the Best fat burner for men and women because of its highly compatible weight loss formula that mimics the actual phentermine for weight loss. 

Targeting weight loss pills users is a crucial step here because these are the individuals who need natural fat burners more than anyone. Making some sensible choices in diet pills could ease the weight loss efforts and turn the progress of months appear in weeks.

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