Dick Cesaroni | So Who Can NOT Be Vaccinated?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Have I not been listening, or did I just miss the whole thing about vaccinations, or I should say mandatory vaccinations for all “working people”? 

Are the welfare recipients required to be vaccinated before getting their free money? 

Are the folks on food stamps required to get vaccinated before receiving their checks? 

Or is it just the police, Fire Department, men and women who face being fired for not getting vaccinated? 

Why is it only the working men and women who face some type of punishment for not being vaccinated? I guess the government just overlooked them. 

I thought L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti was supposed to be going to India. If he does go, can he take Gov. Gavin Newsom and our county Board of Supervisors with him? Just a thought. Socialism at work. 

One taxpayer’s opinion. 

Dick Cesaroni


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